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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TIPS FOR HOW WE BLOG crowded visitors

1. Often often to make new posts, the content of your posts with the articles / writing as much, try the interesting and have value in the eyes of the reader. Do not just many but not quality.
2. Try using your own domain name for more memorable professional, your site will be in the Link by many people and remember it.

3. Use a design / template that interesting, if necessary with the eye-catching background and clear.
4. Make a link to someone else's post at least 10 links every day and give your comment there, if necessary, enter your email signature.
5. Immediately do feedback if there are people who give comments on your blog, because she will feel at number united.
6. Join the blogging community that exists, there always is communication blog owners who had interaction.
7. Learn your blog statistics and Google Analytic you. See what keywords visitors use to find your blog & article's likes and dislikes you blog readers. This will help determine the next article could be more popular with effective keywords.
8. Register your blog to search engines. Many people are majority trafficnya obtained from search engines like google or yahoo. When people search by keyword and find your blog, you will get traffic!
9. Write a List Posting. Everyone loves going to list posts. This post contains a link to a list posting another person. For example: "Top 10 Blog Themes. " Posting List usually link to more Posting & can get more traffic than usual on the post
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