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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do I add accessories on your blog?

How to add accessories on your blog can be done in stages as follows:
1. Accessories guest book, you can search by keyword in shoutbox or tag board. then follow the procedure, Once completed, log-in dg id and password that you've registered, then
click menu "Code Generator";> Select Full-frame shoutbox, click "Generate the Code". Copy the HTML code that exists, and insert it into your blog template in the Sidebar, click SAVE SETTINGS & republish, finished, you can proceed to look at your blog now. Or you can try visiting
2. Accessories Statistic and Tracker, to see how many visitors your blog every day, every week, every month. Please register at or After the list, log, then copy it and paste the HTML code into your blog.
3. Accessories Clock, please look for this address and take it to the HTML code then you plug in your blog. Or you can also visit
4. Accessories calendar, facilities are also free, please visit
5. If you like changing skins blog you can visit:.
6. If you want to make a list of links on the blog-blog to other blogs you read, you stay put up her script code in a place that you want on your blog, after it is completed, each of you want to add or to edit the link, you can just go to their website he and add / edit there, and later in the blog link you also automatically changed. This facility can also be used bloggers and websites. Visit