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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steps to create a Website / Blog viewed from an Islamic perspective

What are all the steps to create a website / bog when viewed from the perspective of Islamic teachings, a very interesting topic to discuss my

Steps to Build a Website / Blog:

1. Steps to create a website / blog for the first time is to make good preparation. due to a website or blog is like a house / shop, a place where we will entertain / serve our guests.
This of course requires us to do more about the form view website / blog that unsightly, it is useful for our guests, so that our guests be impressed and linger long in your website / blog, if your website / blog contains articles that are not selling a product, Our guests will leave a good comment, and if we sell a particular product would definitely buy it do not know tomorrow or the next day. This is exactly the same as Islam, "whoever believes in Allah and the Day of Judgement should glorify his guest." (Al-hadith) here was clear we dierintah God to honor guests and serving our guest to the best.
2. The second step is to fill the website / blog with posts that are useful for the reader. The article did not try any pornographic elements, are not immoral acts, not violent, do not harm others. Islam has said: "as good as either you are the most beneficial for others." Writing well is the writing quality and can be useful for others.
3. The third step is to try to title your website / blog, your post title and the paragraph beginning synchronous, or are interconnected to one another, do not make the website title - title text - text content out of sync, for example: your website name "MyMobil" title you: "how to care for a newborn baby?" and writing the contents spread everywhere. It's out of sync. This is by Islam for the family we have one thing in common, if the husband is Muslim, the wife should also Islam, Muslim children, household furnishings reflect the characteristic features of Islam so that the eye-catching.
4. Step four, if point 3, you can already mastered, do the socialization or promote your website / blog by visiting the websites / blogs of others and leave comments on your page / blog. Islampun teaches us to do the 'Hospitality' (connecting kinship), either to you alone or with people who have never known to us. Here God promises: "anyone who wants a long life and a lot of luck, do the gathering." If you can do visits to the web / blogs of others 10 per day would your website / blog you will quickly famous, and SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) will know whereabouts.
5. Step five, if you want to 'do charity' or 'sharing with others' by way of giving a bonus in the form of an e-book free, free software, free design, free product samples, etc.. Because Islam says: "alms / share it to return 10-fold, and will not make the poor culprit." If you could share / alms, sooner or later one day you will receive a reply it would be better. If I may judge what the founder of FaceBook (social networking) is a very good idea, not commercial, but why you still survive, but come to think of where he earn? Is not facebook users from around the world and for free? So is google, yahoo! Etc..
6. Step six, often often to create new posts or make-up date, usually the visitors who had dropped into your website / blog, and found a website / blog interesting, he will do next visit to see more web / blog, what is new still like the first, if every time they come back and find the contents of web / blog content remains only that, they'll get bored. So do up date regularly and periodically even if slightly. Islam teaches "works a bit if done routinely be extremely useful than doing a job that many but not routine."