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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What should you prepare before you-doing-business-online-offline

If you're going to do a business, sell their own products, other people's products or services, you must consider the categories below:
1. What, this question must be answered in the beginning before starting a business. What will you sell, products or services, you must know in detail, about the specifications, characteristics, advantages and drawbacks, what price would you set, whom your competitors are
2. When, you should know better when you were going to run a business, this winter, dry season later, it is not funny when you sell a raincoat during the dry season, but if you business does not affect the season you can take another strategy
3. Where, where you'll start a business-online-offline, hire shop, rent a room at the super market, publicized through mass media, radio, tv or via the internet online, you have to adjust to the characteristics of your business, making decisions about the location where you will do online business offline is potentially on the progress of your business, find a vantage point, many potential buyers means of many guests who come to the store you how many percent that are actually making a purchase.
4. Who, it could be called as well as your target, for whom the product or service that you sell, for adults, for children, adolescents, women's or perhaps to animals. Do not selling condoms to young children, most only to be blown inflatable.
5. How, how you would do it, do cash sales or credit, how the after-sales service, warranties, how to use, spare parts, if it turns out you have a problem product in the future, how? That's all you have to prepare earlier
A little may be useful. Good business! Success for you!

from : Gresik East Java Indonesia