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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tips and Tricks for the way in Choosing Domain Names and Hosting free or paid

My writing time is going to talk about tips and tricks on how to how to select the Domain and Hosting is free or a paid for our Website can be indexed by search engine engine google.
As for tips how to select the Domain and Hosting both free and paid, things to note is:

A. Choosing a domain name

1. Choose a domain name simple and easy to remember
2. Choose a domain name that can represent the contents and the purpose of making a website
3. Do not forget to include your keyword / keyword, this is to help make our website can appear in search engines on top positions

B. Selecting Hosting

1. Note the server system, usually there are 2 ie windows and linux, you should choose linux
2. How much storage space (disk space)
3. Note also the bandwidth
4. Domain allowed it, whether this can be for more than one domain
5. The number of data base provided

That's all I can write, maybe you have other experiences, let us discuss in forum discussions.

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