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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What is the relationship of Islam with technology HP, TV, Internet and FlashDisk

Islam is a peace-loving religion, religion that requires his people to learn various sciences, is HP technology, TV, Internet, and FlashDisk are electronic devices that can be used communications, visual, and data access as data storage. Why do I link between Islam and the electronic equipment?
Because I think Islam has ordered Muslims to seek knowledge, explore God's verses are scattered on this earth
Long before the discovery of such a sophisticated technological equipment, such as: CellPhone / camera / tv / cctv / compact disk / hard disk / floppy disk / flash disk / Personal Computer / Laptop / Note Book, or other modern technology, requires his people to Islam has always seeking knowledge, this obligation is charged to each person who claims to Muslims, since from the womb until his death. This meant that with the increase of human knowledge was gained will become closer to God the Creator
Why is that? Let us look at this small example;
If asked to someone who does not have faith and do not have science, whether he believed that all his behavior during the life of this world are monitored and recorded God? The answer is uncertain, can not believe it can not, but if the question were presented to those who believe and bookish knowledge, the answer is definitely, definitely believe, because he had a proposition propositions that can be used as evidence to reinforce the answer
As an illustration only, I am currently located in a small village, 12 km from the town of Gresik East Java Indonesia, with the TV I can see events in the city of New York right now, or with the internet I could contact via e-mail letter from a distance, I can retrieve e-book and put it in my file, to me open and I read in the future.
Are we still do not believe in a God who always sees all our actions wherever we are, whenever it comes, then at some later time record of our deeds will be opened by the Lord? And asked about the act? Is this not the same equipment that I mentioned above?
Even in Al Qur-an letter Yasin (36: 65) "On that day, their mouths We keys, while the feet and hands of those who will be witnesses, explain what they have done (in this world)"
Is God not able to make the skin as a data storage? As flash which can store data? Maybe if someday there is a scientist discovered the human skin as a substitute for flash, did not rule! At first I was little never imagined that objects as small as the flash can store huge data
Are we still do not believe in God Almighty created everything? God will hold them accountable for our actions?
In Islam there is no compulsion, want to believe it or not, it's up to each person, God has given freedom of choice. Of course with all its consequences. God also has given signs signs, there are signs pointing the way to goodness and there are signs pointing the way to ugliness. Please choose what you like!

So first and hopefully useful.
From: Holy Land Gresik East Java Indonesia